Services Overview

We are experienced business forms innovators, so let your problems be our challenge.

Fresh Perspective on Forms: Saving Time and Money

Trade Printers prides itself on meeting business forms challenges for distributors. By looking at a project differently than the way it was approached in the past, Trade Printers is able to give customers valuable, innovative options. These options often result in better prices, less expensive materials, faster processes and/or new markets.

Wide Range of Products and Services

We provide the following products and services, and we often combine them with innovations to solve business forms problems.

Integrated-Label Forms:

The co-founder of Trade Printers patented the first integrated label in the early 1980s. For information about this Trade Printers specialty, see Integrated Products.

Laser-Compatible Cards:

Our toner-receptive cards (such as membership or ID cards) are laser and dot-matrix compatible. Created out of form paper, they are available with or without a face laminate and perforation. You have several options:

  • Clean-release
  • Fold-over
  • Perfed-out

Affixed-Label Forms:

We provide pressure-sensitive labels affixed to customized forms. The labels are toner-receptive, and they peel easily for adhesion on almost any surface. We also offer a wide range of adhesives.

Hospital Forms:

We're experts when it comes to laboratory mount sheets, flow sheets and other hospital forms. For information, see the Hospital Forms section.

Continuous Forms:

We create customized continuous forms in all standard sizes. Intermittent (skip) glue is available, and we can also apply short or full-length transfer-tape parallel or at a right angle to the web.​

Continuous Checks:

We can provide continuous checks with offline magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) encoding up to 17 inches in width and any standard depth.


We provide cut-sheets up to sizes of 22" x 27" with your choice of paper weights. We also offer laser-compatible cut-sheets. Products include invoices, statements, checks, hospital flow sheets, employment applications, integrated-label forms, integrated member cards and more.


Our invoices, purchase orders, voucher checks, lab slips and other unique forms come in bond with carbon interleaved or with carbonless papers. We can apply short or full-length transfer tape both front and back. Having a variety of collators gives us the ability to collate 40-plus parts.

Inks and Tinting:

Special stocks, tints and materials are available at competitive prices. We use all standard inks, and many are laser compatible. Please contact us for color printing capabilities, unique variations and specialty applications beyond four-color.

We are the only printer in Arizona that can tint paper online to various colors. We match paper color to your sample with more than 95 percent accuracy.

Presses and Bindery:

Please see the Press Capabilities and Bindery sections for a description of our services.