About Us

"What I really enjoy is when customers come to us with something they want to accomplish, and they can't find another resource who can do it or who is willing to do it."

~ Gary Stewart

Trade Printers manufactures business forms and related products. Creating innovative solutions that address business forms challenges is a company specialty. Trade Printers has made a dramatic impact on the business forms industry by developing time- and cost-saving innovations that organizations have been enjoying for years.

A History of Innovative Problem-Solving

In 1976, Gary Stewart founded Trade Printers Inc. with two partners. By the early 1980s, Stewart held the patent for the first-ever integrated label. He continued to invent additional patented solutions that have served the business forms industry extremely well.

Stewart's patents include the following:

  • Patent #4,379,573 dated April 12, 1983
  • ​Patent #4,598,935 dated July 8, 1986
  • Patent #5,482,328 dated January 9, 1996
  • Patent #5,630,627 dated May 20, 1997
  • Patent #5,637,369 dated June 10, 1997

Employees Invested in Top-Quality Work

As Trade Printers expanded its reach, Stewart bought out his partners. In 1990, he partnered with his employees instead by establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This arrangement helped promote employees' pride in their work by giving them responsibility for and ownership in the business.

High employee retention, excellent quality and a commitment to success all drive exceptional products and superior customer service at Trade Printers.

Company Highlights

Trade Printers has more claims to fame in addition to patents:

  • Only printer in Arizona that manufactures integrated-label products
  • Only printer on the West coast that specializes in manufacturing hospital mount sheets 
  • A primary source for hospital forms, completing production in a single pass through the press
  • A primary source for online paper tinting, specializing in color-matched tints

Outstanding, Personalized Service to Distributors

Trade Printers does not sell direct. Its primary customers are business forms distributors, and it also assists other printers. Satisfied distributors that use Trade Printers extend across the United States, with most concentrated in Arizona and parts of California.

Trade Printers has built ongoing business relationships with a large, loyal customer base. This is due to the company's reliability, quality, prompt service, innovative solutions and many other success factors. Trade Printers is willing to go the extra mile for a customer with a special project or tight deadline.

Customers who dial Trade Printers' toll-free or local number during business hours talk to a person, not a recording. Customers receive individualized attention and get prompt, personalized service. They know Trade Printers will deliver an outstanding product that often incorporates an innovative solution.

Instead of branching out in numerous directions, the goal of Trade Printers is to continue providing the superior service distributors have come to rely on. Trade Printers is looking forward to the next challenge in forms innovation.